Dduk Gook (떡국)

Dduk Gook
A Korean ritual to ring in the New Year is 떡국. A dish that can be eaten anytime of the year but definitely on New Years day.
1-2 handful – 떡 | Oval sliced dduk (rice cakes)
2 cups – 곰탕 | Oxtail Soup Broth & Meat
1 egg
2 pieces – 김 | Korean Laver (seaweed)
Sesame Seed
Green Onion – sliced
Salt & Pepper to taste
  1. Put the rice cakes in cold water for 20 minutes to soak
  2. Add the oxtail broth and meat to a pot and boil
  3. Add rice cakes
  4. Mix up the egg and fry it, eventually cutting to thin strips and set aside
  5. Using scissors, cut the seaweed pieces into thin strips as well and set aside
  6. Tasting the broth along the way, add salt and pepper to taste
  7. Once the dduk rises to the top of the soup, you are ready to serve the bowl
  8. Add the sliced egg, seaweed, green onion and sesame seed as preferred

Dduk Gook 2

Buckwheat Kimchi Pancake

Kimchi Buckwheat Pancake YoriStory

Don’t let the name fool you. Buckwheat is actually a fruit seed and can be eaten as a grain for individuals sensitive to gluten. This grain is also nutritious for you and has a nice fragrant to it. Koreans use buckwheat for cold noodle dishes (냉면). 


3 cups Buckwheat pancake flour mix

2 cups Ripe kimchee

1.5 cups Pork (or any choice of meat)

1/2 cup Onions

1 Korean green pepper (jalapeno if you want spicier)

1 Bundle of green onions

1 tsp Sesame Oil

1 tbsp Fish Sauce

Pinch of Salt

Cooking Oil




  1. Add 3 cups of buckwheat pancake flour mix to a large bowl
  2. Make a pancake batter like consistency by adding water (thinner if you want it extra cripsy)
  3. I had some pork belly on hand, so I sliced that up and cooked it up on the frying pan with a pinch of salt. Drain the oil when finished cooking and add to bowl with buckwheat flour.
  4. Dice up the ripe kimchee and onions. Slice the Korean green pepper and the green onions, leaving the green onions about 2″ long in length. Add everything to large bowl.
  5. Pour in 1 tsp sesame oil and 1 tbsp fish sauce and now your batter is ready for frying!
  6. In a large frying pan, add some cooking oil and put on medium low heat.
  7. I used a ladle that holds 1 oz and made individual sized pancakes (ended up with 18). You can make any size you want, or even make a huge pancake by filling the whole pan. Enjoy!!

buckwheat pancake yoristory

kimchi yoristory

buckwheat pancake yoristory

buckwheat pancake yoristory

buckwheat pancake yoristory

buckwheat pancake yoristory

buckwheat pancake yoristory

YoriStory Buckwheat Pancake



Can be frozen and heated up on the frying pan for future enjoyment

For a simple soy vinegar dipping sauce, follow this link: