100 days old baby party (백일)

Today my hubby and I held a mini gathering at our house in honor of my second daughter’s 100th day party. I only slept for 2 hours the night before, but somehow I managed to survive the day.

The 100 days old party is a milestone widely celebrated in the Korean culture. It is held to show that your baby has survived their first 100 days, which is known to be the most delicate time for a baby’s health. Back in the days, because of poor living conditions and diseases, many babies were not fortunate enough to survive this long.

Wine was good!

I really wanted to cook more food, but with two babies under two years old…. I’m lucky enough to even eat during the day.

Cake was a perfect level of sweetness!

Hubby's backyard BBQ Steak

Finally a sunny day after all that rain in LA (something we don’t get to say too often). To celebrate, the hubby and I did a last minute backyard bbq with this huge 5 1/2 pounds chunk of bone in prime rib meat. Tasted just like eating at a five star restaurant. Steak

We generously sprinkled on some salt, added fresh ground pepper then finished off with some thyme.


My hubby’s grill set up. That first sizzle as the steak hits the hot grill is like music to our ears.


Meat and nature at its best. I was too busy eating that I forgot to take a picture of the inside!

Sushi Gen (Little Tokyo, Los Angeles)

Lunch date with the hubby at Sushi Gen! This was the line before they were even open. Luckily, we got seated immediately at the sushi bar where we experienced their delicious omakase.Sushi Gen

Sushi Gen

Omakase means “It’s up to you”, which is a Japanese tradition of letting the chef create any plate for you. Here, the plates keeps coming until you say stop. Sushi Gen

This was one of the best sushi experiences… ever. Everything we ate was so fresh with the flavor perfect to our taste. Sushi Gen

Sushi GenWe spent $300 easily, and that is without drinks! Worth every penny.

422 E 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
T: (213) 617-0552

Hong Kong November 2011

Hong Kong 2011

Hong Kong Hotel BuffetI ♥ ♥ ♥ eating food with an incredible view! @ the Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel.

HK food I was quite spoiled with good food…. (.^__^.)

Dim SumI know I say I ♥ everything a little too often… 🙂 but I really do ♥ Dim Sum!! Perfect for the indecisive (me), the choices are endless.

Shark Fin Dim SumShark Fin Soup Dumpling~  ^_____^

Taiwanese Food

Taiwanese food & beer in Hong Kong.

I wouldn’t mind moving to Hong Kong just for the food! 🙂


Dubai May 2011

Dubai 2011Middle Eastern FoodAlthough Dubai is just way too hot & humid for me to handle (they issued a warning of being outside during certain hours of the day to prevent heat stroke)….. I did enjoy the dinner cruise on Dubai Creek~ Overate! 🙁 I also got to shop at the WORLD’S biggest mall!! ♥ CrabWalking distance from the hotel was an authentic Chinese restaurant… and this is the crab we picked out. More crab for meee~~~~  🙂 

Singapore November 2010

 Singapore 2011

Hot and Sour Soup In Singapore, over 75% of people living there are of Chinese ethnicity~ so you can find many tasty Chinese restaurants all around. Well…. here is the well known Hot and Sour Soup~! Green Tea PuddingGreen Tea Pudding with Red Beans….. melts in your mouth.  DumplingMaking dumplings the expert way.DurianDurian. You either ♥ it, or you hate it. Most people tell me it’s an acquired taste…. DurianThe smell of it is so pungent, like rotting….bananas or something. It’s even illegal to take it in certain public areas in Singapore like the airport or on public transportation.

DurianIt wasn’t too bad after all~~ ^^Chinese Healthy BibimbapChinese style healthy bi bim bap (mixed rice with vegetables and such). Even includes baby anchovies and peanuts.Coconut WaterSo refreshing on a hot sticky humid day~Crab Very famous crab place in Singapore by the waterfront…. I forgot the name of this restaurant, but will like to find out someday~ 🙂CrabWe had quite a bit to eat….

Seoul, Korea 2009

Seoul, Korea 서울 2009

I’m fortunate that my dad still lives in Seoul, Korea… it gives me an excuse to visit often and eat yummy food ~ ^___^

PayardMy favorite… Payard ♥PayardPayardPayardPayard

Korean foodRaw CrabRaw crab marinated in soy sauce (간장게장)~ Mmmm…..

Spicy Chicken Stir FrySpicy Chicken Stiry Fry (닭갈비)Fried RiceAND after the Spicy Chicken Stir Fry, comes Fried Rice with Cheese! TeaTea Time   -___-Sul lung tangSul lung tang (설렁탕), beef broth soup Lamb KebabLamb Kebab (양꼬치) Lamb Kebab& Garlic!!Jjam BbongSpiciest Jjam Bbong (짬뽕), Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup I have ever eaten in my life! >.< Spicy OctupusSpicy OctupusSpicy Marinated Squid~ Egg RollEgg Roll (계란말리), this was over 2 ft long~!!Jelly Fish SaladHomemade Jelly Fish Salad~Paris Baguette CakeParis Baguette Cake ♥Sam gyub salSam gyub sal (삼겹살), freshest pork I’ve ever tasted straight from the farm to our dinner table~ Korean foodNothing is better than a good home cooked meal.  🙂CoffeeApple Shot GlassApple Cocktail Glasses (^.^)Sam gyub salGenius idea, pork & eggs.CookieLittle colorful treats~Coffee PrinceMy dad’s friend owns the famous Coffee Prince coffee shop… if you are a Korean drama addict like me, you know what I’m talking about. ^.~ The wife made me the cutest coffee ever… I couldn’t get myself to drink it!Coffee Prince  Tang Soo YookMy last meal in Korea until next time…. Tang Soo Yook (탕수육), Fried Pork with sweet and sour sauce.