Korean Grape Juice - Using a juicer

4 lb Korean Grapes

2 Fuji Apples
Juicing machine (I used my hurom juicer)
I love the sweet taste of Korean grapes, but the process of eating them is not a simple “pop it in your mouth” type of deal like the seedless grapes you see around. I almost always give up eating them before I have even consumed ten.
Who in the world wants to squeeze off the skin, suck the juice out of the skin, spit the skin out, eat the flesh while searching for the tiny hidden seeds, spit out the seeds, then finally finish eating the rest of thegrape? All this work for just one grape
What to do? Throw them all in the juicer so you are left with only the good stuff.
1. Detach from stem and rinse all the grapes
2. Cut and core the apples
3. Put them all through the juicer
Grapes with Watermark 2
Grapes with Watermark 4
Grapes with Watermark 6
**Note: I added the apples to naturally increase the sweetness level