Singapore 2011

Hot and Sour Soup In Singapore, over 75% of people living there are of Chinese ethnicity~ so you can find many tasty Chinese restaurants all around. Well…. here is the well known Hot and Sour Soup~! Green Tea PuddingGreen Tea Pudding with Red Beans….. melts in your mouth.  DumplingMaking dumplings the expert way.DurianDurian. You either ♥ it, or you hate it. Most people tell me it’s an acquired taste…. DurianThe smell of it is so pungent, like rotting….bananas or something. It’s even illegal to take it in certain public areas in Singapore like the airport or on public transportation.

DurianIt wasn’t too bad after all~~ ^^Chinese Healthy BibimbapChinese style healthy bi bim bap (mixed rice with vegetables and such). Even includes baby anchovies and peanuts.Coconut WaterSo refreshing on a hot sticky humid day~Crab Very famous crab place in Singapore by the waterfront…. I forgot the name of this restaurant, but will like to find out someday~ 🙂CrabWe had quite a bit to eat….

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