Seoul, Korea 서울 2009

I’m fortunate that my dad still lives in Seoul, Korea… it gives me an excuse to visit often and eat yummy food ~ ^___^

PayardMy favorite… Payard ♥PayardPayardPayardPayard

Korean foodRaw CrabRaw crab marinated in soy sauce (간장게장)~ Mmmm…..

Spicy Chicken Stir FrySpicy Chicken Stiry Fry (닭갈비)Fried RiceAND after the Spicy Chicken Stir Fry, comes Fried Rice with Cheese! TeaTea Time   -___-Sul lung tangSul lung tang (설렁탕), beef broth soup Lamb KebabLamb Kebab (양꼬치) Lamb Kebab& Garlic!!Jjam BbongSpiciest Jjam Bbong (짬뽕), Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup I have ever eaten in my life! >.< Spicy OctupusSpicy OctupusSpicy Marinated Squid~ Egg RollEgg Roll (계란말리), this was over 2 ft long~!!Jelly Fish SaladHomemade Jelly Fish Salad~Paris Baguette CakeParis Baguette Cake ♥Sam gyub salSam gyub sal (삼겹살), freshest pork I’ve ever tasted straight from the farm to our dinner table~ Korean foodNothing is better than a good home cooked meal.  🙂CoffeeApple Shot GlassApple Cocktail Glasses (^.^)Sam gyub salGenius idea, pork & eggs.CookieLittle colorful treats~Coffee PrinceMy dad’s friend owns the famous Coffee Prince coffee shop… if you are a Korean drama addict like me, you know what I’m talking about. ^.~ The wife made me the cutest coffee ever… I couldn’t get myself to drink it!Coffee Prince  Tang Soo YookMy last meal in Korea until next time…. Tang Soo Yook (탕수육), Fried Pork with sweet and sour sauce.


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